5Pcs MAG3110 3-Axis Digital Earth Magnetic Field Geomagnetic Sensor Module I C Interface For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeatures: Size: 16mm * 17mm Integrated 5V to 3.3V chip, more convenient for ..
5Pcs MAX6675 Sensor Module With Thermocouple Cable 1024 Celsius High Temperature Available
Product DescriptionFeature: Simple SPI serial output temperature. Chip cold junction compensati..
5Pcs MS5611 GY-63 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module IIC/SPI Communication
Product DescriptionFeature: Model: GY-63 Name: MS5611 module (atmospheric pressure module) Buil..
5pcs TTP223B Digital Touch Sensor Capacitive Touch Switch Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionDescription: This module is capacitive type jog mode touch switch module tha..
5Pcs Wemos® DHT11 Single Bus Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Shield For WeMos D1 Mini
Product Description Feature:   Brand Name: WeMos Model Number: DHT11 Shield Install S..
5Pcs Wemos® DHT22 Single Bus Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Shield For WeMos D1 Mini
Product Description Features:   Brand Name: WeMos Model Number: DHT22 Shield..
AM2320 DC 3.1-5.5V Digital Capacitive Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module Single Bus / I2C Signal Output Replacement SHT10 SHT10 ±0.5  / ±3%RH
Product Description Description: AM2320 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a kind of ..
CJMCU-131 MQ131 Ozone Concentration Sensor High And Low Concentration O3 Air Quality Detection Module
Product DescriptionDescription: Brand: CJMCU Type: CJMCU-131 Package included: 1 x CJMCU-1..
CJMCU-4541 MICS-4514 Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor CO/NO2/H2/NH3/CH4
Product DescriptionDescription: Brand Name: CJMCU The MICS-4514 is a compact MOS sensor with tw..
CJMCU-90393 MLX90393 Digital 3D Hall Sensor Displacement Angle Rotate 3D Position
Product DescriptionDescription:   The CJMCU-90363 is an ultra-small, versatile, universal,..
DC 3.3V AD8232 ECG Measurement Module Kit Portable Heart Monitor Biological
Product DescriptionDescription:   Name: DC 3.3V AD8232 ECG Measurement Module Kit Por..
Four Channel 4 Route IRF540 MOSFET Button Switch Module For Arduino Motor Drives Lighting Dimmer
Product DescriptionFeature: MOSFET is an electronic devices with good switching characteristics..
GY-21 HTU21D Humidity Sensor With I2C Interface For Arduino Industrial High Precision
Product DescriptionDescription: The Si7021 I2C Humidity and Temperature Sensor is a monolithic ..
GY-213V-HTU21D 3.3V I2C Temperature Humidity Sensor Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionDescription: The main chip of this item is GY-213V-HTU21D The HTU21D is a lo..
GY-213V-SI7021 Si7021 3.3V High Precision Humidity Sensor with I2C Interface For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeature: Operating voltage: 1.9-3.6V (3.3V recommended) Standby current: 60n..
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