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-LCD display, display the actual temperature or set temperature.
-The temperature setting can be adjusted directly by pressing the key.
-3m 100K external sensor, °C and °F display switching, 24-hour cycle protection.
-Advanced settings: Room temperature difference calibration, back to the difference set, antifreeze set, C/F display switch, restore factory settings.
-Frost protection function (always active).
-Plug-in, for heating circulation pump control, 16 A relay output.
-Is the floor heating cycle water pump thermostat work symbol.
-When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the pump starts to work; temperature is higher than the set temperature, the pump stops working. If the pump stops working for 24 hours, the thermostat will automatically start + / – 1 min.
Product name: Thermostat
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Size: Approx. 134 x 67 x 38mm/5.27" x 2.63" x 1.49"
Contact capacity: HY02-8A <8A HY02-16A <16A
Temperature adjustment range: 5~60°C / 40~140°F
Display accuracy: 0.5°C or 1°F
Operating environment: -18 ~ 50°C / 0 ~ 122°F
Storage temperature -10 ? – + 60 ?
Installation: Plug-in installation
Voltage: 220V
Load: 3000W
Type: (A)Programmable/ (B)Non-programmable
Temperature error: ± 0.5 (?)
Output signal: 16 (mA)

Package Included:
1 x Electric Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat
1 x User manual

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