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Double Isolated Safe Protection.
Voltage and Current Intelligent Adjustment.
Omnipotent inspection and maintenance instrument.
Do not adjust to display current.
Can automatically adapt to current and voltage.
Safe Smart Accurate Efficient.

Input Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Output Voltage: 1-200V
Color: Black Gery
Size:140mm  x 80mm x 38mm

Testing Skills:
1.Plug in power, it can be used after 3to 5 seconds.
2.The soft start mode make the backlight getting brighter slowly.
3.No burn out, If you can’t make sure the “+”and “-”, Don’t connect the probes to the LED which be tested for a long time.
4.Open Ciruit Protection : Don’t touch the output terminal of probes for a long time .It’s safe for touch the probes in short time periods.
5.Double Isolate Design makes our tester safety with high strength and flame retardancy materials.
Single LED light bar backlight testing:
1.Make sure the anode and the acthode.
2.Connect the probes on the anode and the cathode.
3.Light up the Single LED light Bar Backlight.
4.Light up the Double LED Light Bar Backlight.
Please Notice:
1. Testing the backlight of LED at any size Display the voltage, It can be tested in a long time, and will not damage the lamp beads .
2. If you are used to test the LED finished lamps, please disconnect the power supply before!
Because it is likely to form a loop, resulting in abnormal test!
3. This product with US plug ,and we will provide adapter according to delivery country,if you didn't received it please contact us quickly,thanks for your cooperation!
Package Included:
1 x LED LCD TV Backlight Tester
2 x Table Pen
1 x Charger Cable

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